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Rental Property Investing 101

The good news about real estate investing is that most people can earn a fairly substantial amount of wealth over their lifetime if they educate themselves and make better decisions when purchasing property. The bad news is that contrary to all the TV shows about flipping houses and people making money, or turn-key hassle-free rental properties, … [Read More...]

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Real Estate Investing: Single Family Home vs. Condo

If you’re considering getting into the landlord game, you might wonder whether it’s best to buy a single family home or a condominium. Many people say to stay away from condominiums because of all the issues with homeowners associations, and they have a … [Read More...]


What Is Real Estate Due Diligence?

Purchasing and owning real estate is always high risk — whether it’s a single family home that you’ll occupy or a 50-unit apartment building for income. You’ll hear experts say to make sure to “do your due diligence” when buying property, but what does that … [Read More...]

5 Smart Moves a First-Time Buyer Should Consider

As a first-time real estate buyer, you probably have no idea how the overall purchasing process works or how to make sure you’re making a smart decision to purchase. And you’ll probably be very surprised to learn how much work it really is just to buy a home. … [Read More...]

Is a Personal Residence an Investment?

If you’re going to use your hard-earned money to buy a home, you might wonder if that home is an investment. And without doubt, for the vast majority of buyers, a home is an investment. However, just because it IS an investment doesn’t mean the house you’re … [Read More...]

Is Land a Good Investment?

If you bought land in California in the 1970s, you’d probably opine that land is a good investment. If you bought it in 2006, and now it’s worth a fraction of what you paid, your opinion would probably differ. Most knowledgeable real estate investors will … [Read More...]

Why Prize Investment Properties Are No Prize

Here’s a little real estate investing secret that few rental property investors know: The fancier and more prize location of a property, the worse the cash flow. In fact, most “prize” properties are going to have negative cash flows. And that’s not a smart way … [Read More...]

First Steps for First-Time Landlords

So you’ve got a property under contract, and you’re excited that you are going to become a landlord. While it can be a financially and personally rewarding investment, there are lots of things to do in preparation for your new career. Pre-closing … [Read More...]

Investing? 6 Types of Properties to Pursue

If you’re interested in improving your lot in life — no pun intended — by becoming a property mogul and investing your hard-earned capital into income-producing properties, there are some general guiding principles that should increase your chances of earning … [Read More...]